Stop wiping our data / settings every time our test environment gets a new release

Idea created by Matt Gudites on Feb 26, 2019
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    • Matt Gudites
    • Hugh Hawkins

    As a new Canvas client, I honestly can't believe it works like this...none of the other SaaS products we utilize do anything like this. I'd like to formally request that the refresh procedure be changed so one of the following occurs:


    1. Instead of "cloning" a fresh copy of production to test each time, just update the Canvas software and leave the settings and data alone.




    2. Provide a secondary, separate test environment that does not get "cloned."


    The fact that every few weeks all of our test data disappears is making it really difficult to do even short term testing, and IMPOSSIBLE to do any kind of long term testing. We are also Ellucian Colleague clients, utilizing their ILP platform for course/user/enrollment provisioning from Colleague -> Canvas. We push course data over from our Colleague-test environment, then Canvas-test gets "refreshed" xx days later, and now the two environments no longer sync up.


    Additionally, all of our settings in Canvas-test keep getting blown away and overwritten with production settings, which means our Canvas-test environment then has settings that link up to third party (LTI) products using production links/credentials. That's bad.


    I certainly appreciate the value of getting our data cloned from production every so often, but it should be optional, performed on an as-requested basis or something. Having our test data get wiped every few weeks is simply impractical from a testing standpoint.