Bounceback email for

Idea created by Andrew Carver on Feb 26, 2019
    Open for Voting

    We would like Instructure to set up a bounceback email for messages sent directly to


    The following scenario creates a problem for some email clients:

    1. Professor sends student a notification through Canvas
    2. Student replies to that notification via Office 365/Outlook (or other client)
    3. Student then sends a later, separate, email (not part of the chain in #1 and #2) attempting to contact Professor, wherein student types professor's name into address bar in the email client and the address pops up when student hits ctrl + k


    Through this scenario, we've found the following problems:

    1. The name of the sender is auto-completed in the email client onto the address. This currently occurs with Outlook on Mac from what we've confirmed. This may be occurring in other email clients as well. You can see the screenshot below (with dummy names):
    2. Emails sent to via auto-completed address do not get received by the instructor.
    3. There is no bounceback email from when an email is sent to just that address.
      1. Therefore, students (or other users) emailing using an auto-completed address do not know their email was not received, and instructors do not know their student sent them anything. This is a black hole. Because neither party knows this is happening unless they talk about it, this issue is under-reported.


    There is currently no bounceback email being considered by Instructure for emails sent directly to It seems like a simple configuration. From my understanding, no legitimate messages go to that address (replies to Canvas notifications go to the domain, but not this specific address). I'm starting this Community idea to move the configuration forward.


    This may, on some level, seem like a email client issue, not a Canvas issue. In reality, it is something that can be fixed from both sides. A bounceback email would be the easiest way to solve this problem in an email client-agnostic fashion.