Canvas Commons - Identify LTIs in Items Details

Idea created by Mark Van de Velde on Feb 26, 2019
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    I'd like to see the Canvas Commons - Details area identify if any LTIs have been associated with the cartridge file? This is needed for Modules and Courses.


    When an LTI is imported as part of a cartridge file, it will install itself if no key/secret are required. This is dangerous and a security risk as it overrides administrative settings even with a whitelist. As a result, we have chosen to disable the ability to search other institutions Commons items until this risk removed.


    Installation of LTIs via the imported as part of a cartridge file also show little to no details in the import log area.




    How do I use Commons?


    Current Details example.

    Canvas Commons - Details

    • Description [1]: A brief explanation or summary of the resource
    • Author(s) [2]: User(s) who shared the resource
    • Account [3]: The account from which the resource was shared
    • Grade/Level [4]: The suggested grade level(s) for the resource
    • Tags [5]: Relevant tags or keywords to identify the resource
    • Duration [6]: Duration of an audio or video file. Only applicable to audio or video resources
    • Outcomes [7]: Outcomes linked to a resource. Only applicable to resources with linked outcomes
    • Shared With [8]: Sharing settings (account, group(s), consortium(s), public, private)
    • Reviews [9]: Reviews by other users