'Are you sure' when running a SIS Import

Idea created by Fraser Webster on Mar 5, 2019
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    • martin kabat
    • Kim Blanchard
    • Sharmen Ibrahim
    • Erin Cox
    • Leonardo Santos

    When running a manual SIS Import, you are asked to check a box to indicate if you require a 'full batch update'. Doing this of course deletes all courses and enrolments not in the uploaded file, in fact the exact quote from the page is "If selected, this will delete everything for this term, which includes all courses and enrolments that are not in the selected import file above. See the documentation for details."


    If you check this box by mistake, and then go ahead and click 'Process Data' the import will run and carry out the mass deletion. Would it take a lot to add an extra step where the user is asked to confirm this action, before the import starts? It seems like a reasonable safeguard to put in place to avoid deleting everything in a particular term! 


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