Expose Attendance Data via API

Idea created by Tony Harris on Mar 5, 2019
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    • Rob Ditto
    • Joni Miller
    • Brian Merkel
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    Attendance is a very hot topic at our institution right now, and we need the ability to pull the data and import it into our other systems for a wide variety of reporting needs.  As it stands now, there is no programmatic way to access the data in Roll Call, so the only option is manually extracting the data on a weekly basis.  This is inefficient and error prone compared to a simple script to pull the data out of Roll Call, and store it into our own systems, on a daily basis preferably, via a scheduled task.  I realize Roll Call is an external tool integrated with Canvas via LTI, but so is Canvas Commons, and both that and Canvas Data simply have separate APIs that allow us data access.  I believe there would be a lot of benefit for both client institutions and external vendors to have that option for Roll Call as well.