Separate Record Media and Upload Media for Respondus Lockdown Browser Usage

Idea created by Juliet Crocco on Mar 7, 2019
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    • Margaret Shortridge
    • Christian Olson
    • Julie Magadan
    • Stephanie Williams
    • Jeremy Perkins
    • Melissa Verschage
    • Juliet Crocco
    • Jeffrey Anderson
    • Lesley Cryderman

    We use Respondus Lockdown Broswer and some of our language instructors would like students to be able to record media as a verbal part of their quiz within the Lockdown environment. I received word from Respondus Lockdown Browser support that if the Upload Media and the Record Media were separated then they could allow the Record Media to function in the Lockdown Browser environment. Currently the media button is removed from the rich text editor in the environment. It would be really great if instructors could allow this for students in Lockdown Browser. Currently they have to separate those questions from the main part of the quiz for it to operate. Respondus Lockdown Browser Record Media Button Issue