Add inline preview option from the Files tab

Idea created by Cecilia Bolich on Mar 7, 2019
    Open for Voting
    • Cecilia Bolich
    • Leonardo Santos
    • Samuel Timme
    • Pablo Mora

    Currently when uploading or selecting a file for insertion in a page directly from the Files tab, there is no inline preview option listed. Instead, the user must highlight the file after it's been inserted in a page, click the Link to URL in the rich text editor, and then select (or deselect) the inline option. This process may not be intuitive for many users.


    Another feature idea suggested making the inline preview a default option when inserting files into a page, but many users may have multiple files on a single page or may wish to "force" other users to download the file with one click. Adding the inline preview as an option before uploading or selecting a file from the Files tab would streamline this process and make it visible to those unfamiliar with this as a file option.