Expand All Option for New Gradebook Columns

Idea created by Eric Wrye on Mar 11, 2019
    Open for Voting

    Since the ancient times of Spreadsheets of which Gradebook is really just a distant relative, there has always been a simple way to expand all columns to fit the content. However, in this supposedly 21st Century product called Canvas, the Gradebook columns by default have a specific width setting that often doesn't fit the full Quiz/Assignment and the only current solution is for a teacher to go through the tedious process of expanding each column one by one if they want to see the full content of all of them. This can lead to confusion with a teacher who often has similar names for quizzes as well as it can hide important information like the "muted" word that shows below muted assignments. It is especially difficult for those teachers with subjects that require a lot of assignments/quizzes.



    The better and I believe fairly simple programmatic solution would be to have an option (possibly) under view that allows for quickly "Expanding All" columns to fully fit the text in them.


    This is a very basic option that all spreadsheets have built into them. The fact that it's not currently an option included in the New Gradebook is really quite incomprehensible especially considering the negative effect it can have on teachers ability to clearly see all the necessary information when working in the Gradebook.