Treat zeros as ungraded for both teacher and student views

Idea created by Clint Jacobsen on Apr 27, 2015
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    Choosing for a gradebook to treat ungraded assignments as zeros should set that as the default to the grades view students see.


    Comments from Instructure


    Comment from Christi at Canvas on June 10 in the comments below:

    Hey all,

    I completely agree that this verbiage and action is confusing. We are working on a design for better verbiage and a cleaner solution to this problem.

    I want to make sure we agree on what the problem is. To me it has two parts.

    1. Teachers don't want to have to hunt through the gradebook to award zeros to the assignments that are missing or late.
    2. Teachers want to be able to see what a student's grade might be if they didn't turn in any of the missing assignments (I'm told this is the original reason for the feature). The verbiage for "treat ungraded as zero" implies that the grade is actually being awarded and doesn't clearly indicate that the teacher is the only one seeing these zeroes being awarded (students don't see the zeros).


    What do you all think? Would you agree that those are the primary problems?