Quizzes.Next: Item Analysis Report Modifications

Idea created by Cooper Remkes on Mar 12, 2019
    Open for Voting

    After using the Quizzes.Next system for my last few quizzes, what I miss the most about the old Quizzes system is the automated report features. Some specific features that I would like to see in the Quizzes.Next Item Analysis Report are:

    • Questions listed in the order that they were set in the quiz. In The Item Analysis Report in Quizzes.Next, the order of questions is all mixed up
    • Ability to sort/filter the report by class period.
    • Having the performance bar/pie charts visible automatically without having to click on each one. Scrolling through all of my questions with the graphs visible already was much faster and I could see which questions my students we struggling with more quickly
    • Could we have a vertical axis put on the graph at the top of the report (showing numbers of students. Currently it is blank and I have to guess)
    • "Numeric" question types don't show what the correct answer was, just the number of students who got certain scores. 
    • Could we have the total points possible listed in this report instead of just percentages? Quizzes.Next does a weird thing where the total points for the quiz is not automatically added up by the amount of points for each question. For example, one of my quizzes should have been worth 62 points after I adjusted a few questions in the quiz, but I later found out that the quiz was still worth 56 points (the original points that the quiz was worth when I migrated it over from Quizzes). This has left my students and I confused about point values and percentages on their quiz scores.

    I really like the Quizzes.Next system for the way that the questions and question banks are better integrated, additional question types, and image uploads can be dragged and dropped, but I am really missing some of the above features and I cannot yet recommend migrating for most teachers...

    I hope this helps!


    -Cooper R.