moderate quiz view to show only the students allocated to the quiz rather than the entire cohort

Idea created by Janny Chen on Mar 13, 2019
    Open for Voting
    • Janny Chen

    Currently if you have different versions of the same quiz allocated to different sections of students, when you moderate the quiz, you see the entire cohort of student rather than just the allocated section of students. This makes it very confusing and heightens the chance of you making a mistake when you need to give particular students extra time for a quiz due to them having a disability.

    By being able to see all the student names in all the versions of the quiz, you will need to either find out which version of the quiz they're actually allocated to in order to make the setting of giving them extra time. Or, you will need to set the extra time on all versions of the quiz for all those students who needs extra time. 

    If you can only see the students who have been allocated to that particular version of the quiz, then there won't be any confusion or double handling.