Please Address Column Widths in Gradebook

Idea created by Bradley Scott on Mar 15, 2019
    • Bradley Scott

    With the new gradebook that was added in the latest patch (on 3/13/19) the columns in the gradebook were made to need a rather excessive amount of white space to the left and right of the title if you want to be able to read the column title. This results in every column being more than twice as wide as before this new gradebook was added.


    As an instructor, it is nice to have narrow columns so that it is easy to see a lot of info at a glance and not need to scroll three or four pages to get through the entire gradebook. The update previous to this one had allowed the columns to be narrower and I was very pleased. It made grading a breeze and allowed me to easily look over a student's grade.


    Since I am not able to revert to the old gradebook, I would very much like if we could get an update that removes the extra white space that is currently needed in each column to view the full title.