More options for scoring quiz questions: no correct or incorrect answers

Idea created by Amy Hasinoff on Mar 18, 2019
    • Amy Hasinoff

    In the new, we finally have the option to award different amounts of points for different options on multiple-answer quiz questions. 


    For example:

    1. Cats (5 pts)
    2. Dogs (5 pts)
    3. Weasels (3 pts)
    4. Birds (0 pts)


    However, this assumes we're asking questions with only one correct answer on quizzes. Once the quiz is graded, if the student selects (a), canvas gives the feedback that it's CORRECT, and if (b), INCORRECT -- even if both are worth 5 points. Only (a) is reported as correct to the student.


    Suggestion: allow the instructor to choose from these 3 options for each quiz question:

    1. one correct answer [this would be be default of course]
    2. multiple possible correct answers [might help address this issue]
    3. no correct or incorrect answers [essentially a survey question but with points still attached]


    Why do I want option 3? Because I am using quizzes for grade-declarations (Laura GibbsGregory Beyrer [Grade Declarations for Primary Source Analysis ]; Danielle Casey [Student Self-Grading for Variable Credit?]). With this method, answers are not CORRECT or INCORRECT, they are simply worth various amounts of points.


    It's possible there are other reasons instructors might want option 3, and not only for "multiple answer" questions; if so please add in the comments.