New RCE Commons Favorites Tool not displaying results to faculty when Shared With is set to institution

Idea created by Justin Carrell on Mar 18, 2019
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    • Justin Carrell

    The March 9th, 2019 Release of Canvas introduced the new Commons Favorite feature in the rich content editor where instructors can view and import content from their Commons Favorites list. However, if a canvas admin has configured the following commons account settings, the new RCE Commons tool fails to display ANY tagged favorites:


    1. The slider for Allow users to view publicly shared content set to 'ON' 
    2. The slider for Configure default search filters set to 'ON'
    3. The radio button for Shared With set to the 'institution'


    The settings above result in the RCE Commons Favorite tool failing to display items if tagged as a favorite. This makes the new tool virtually useless. For the RCE Common Favorites tool to work, an administrator is required/forced to set the radio button for Shared With to All (Includes Public Resources) rather than institution content.


    I submitted this first as a canvas bug with canvas support (Case #04163362) but support shared that this is functioning as designed and suggested the route of a Feature Request. Seems very odd to me that this would be considered functioning as designed. 


    From my point of view: an institution should be able to configure default search filters (which is also a recent edition for Commons) without it negatively affecting instructors from being able to view commons resources that they tagged as a favorite using the new RCE tool. As it stands now, the new RCE Commons tool requires an institution to default to public commons items first. Why?


    My request: Please remove the code that is using the slider of Shared With as display logic for what should be shown to instructors in the RCE tool.