Quizzes.Next: Quiz Sections & Additional Instruction Items

Idea created by James Groth on Mar 19, 2019
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    • Andrea G Schmidt

    I can't seem to find anything similar to this suggestion, i.e. question groups or section headers.

    When I click the add button , I see lots of different question types. As an ESL teacher, I really only use 3-4 of them at present, usually porting content from other quiz interfaces like Khan Academy or the like.


    I can't seem to add additional section instructions. Although I could just add the section headers perhaps as question stems, that would mean I can't randomize the questions yet create permanent section headings.


    I'm feeling kind of ambivalent about how to proceed, since I have summative assessments that have to be given--and soon. My head teacher doesn't want me to go back to using the old Quiz framework because Canvas is in process of migrating to the new LTI, and Quizzes.Next doesn't seem to have enough functionality to go forward.


    I think for now I may have to just open up Word and build a good old fashioned test.