Enable instructors to see list view

Idea created by Jessi Grieser on Mar 19, 2019
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    • Rob Ditto
    • Tim Maw

    The ability to add to-do items as an instructor (higher ed) is great for me, and the list view allows me to see them all in one place. [See comment below, this is apparently because I am enrolled as a "student" in a campus-wide initiative] This is phenomenally effective for managing all my teaching in one place. I use them for reminding myself of what I need to do to cause my students’ assignments in the course to run smoothly. For instance if a paper is due on a given date, and I want the students to have three weeks to write it, I need to see a note reminding me to write the assignment four weeks ahead of the due date, or if we have an activity in class, I have a to-do on my end of making sure I have written and copied handouts for the activity. 


    If instructors could use the to-do function and see everything else related to their courses in list view—e.g. what I’ve assigned for readings, what the students have due, etc—this would allow list view to serve as a one-stop shop for teaching organization. Right now I have to go back and forth between my list view and card view to see both my actions and my students’. This would bring Canvas very close to being the only software I need to deliver my courses.  


    An example of what this looks like: these are the reminders of what I need to do on Monday and Tuesday for my two courses--create a signup form for my graduate students, write instructions for two assignments (Standardization and Writing Assignment #2), and write lesson plans for Thursday. If this were also interpolated with the things my students are doing, it would become a single, streamlined view of everything I need to be aware of for course delivery.