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Idea created by Lori Killough on Mar 19, 2019
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    • Isobel Williams
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    • Erin Mills, PhD

    Graded discucssions are great.  I require students to post a minimum of 3 posts/responses over 3 separate days in the module (they cannont bulk post all in one day).  I read the posts daily to monitor and occasionally post a question or brief comment to further direct the discussion.  It would be great to mark each post as S/U based on my criteria for a substantive post.  If a student writes a lousy posts early in the module and gets a U, he knows he has to step it up by the end of the module.


    Then at the end of the module I only have to count up the S posts and award a grade without having to re-read the posts.  This should be a feature instructors can turn on/off.


    For example:

    3 substantive posts over 3 days = 10 points

    3 substantive posts over 2 days = 5 points

    3 substantive posts on 1 day = 1 point