Customizing the Course Navigation Menu

Idea created by Dennis Purcell on Mar 21, 2019
    Open for Voting

    We have been using the "Redirect" app to make our courses as easy to navigate as possible, particularly as we develop an aligned, guaranteed and viable curriculum in our schools.  The challenge with the Redirect App is that once an app is added to the course menu, there is no way we can find to edit that app, or course navigation menu item.  It would be helpful as we design our blueprint courses for our subject area experts, if they could customize the course navigation menu items easily.  As an example, in a blueprint course, we would add Course Navigation menu items, or apps, called "Unit 1," Unit 2," etc.  These would be linked to the first page in Modules corresponding to these units.  It would be powerful if a subject matter facilitator could rename these pre-linked course navigation menu items to match the actual unit names in their respective curricula.  How can we make this happen?