Inability to Rotate Profile Picture

Idea created by Cade McCormick on Mar 24, 2019
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    • Rob Ditto
    • Xiomara Lewis

       I've noticed that many students on ELMS, myself included, lack profile pictures. I wouldn't be surprised if a key deterrent is "Select Profile Picture" functionality. By default, the viewer will always rotate an image into a landscape position, even if a picture was clearly intended to be portrait. In the image below, I used a portrait image of my dog when uploading, and Canvas automatically rotated it to its side.

       I can imagine this being easily remedied by a conditional to observe the dimensions of the image, and depending on whether height or length is greater the image appears as portrait or landscape. Buttons to rotate the image would also work, though ultimately I just would recommend some form of adjustment. Thought I appreciate the ability to crop these images, the option to rotate them would certainly be valuable as well. A picture of the Canvas profile picture tool, showing how portrait images are automatically rotated.