Self-drop for manually enrolled students

Idea created by Gregory Beyrer on Mar 27, 2019
    Open for Voting


    Instructors should be able to give students (who have been manually enrolled) the option to drop those courses.

    How this will work

    On the Course Details tab of the Settings page there will be a check box next to "Let students self-enroll..." that reads:

    Let students who are manually enrolled in this course drop this course.

    Similar to the limited enrollment-management options we already have for students who have been enrolled via SIS, those students will not be able to self-drop within Canvas but would have to go through the SIS drop process.

    How this helps students

    If Canvas is used for non-instructional purposes, like student clubs or other support services, students may no longer be interested in participating. If the students used via a self-enroll code then they will be able to drop the course via the link on the course's home page. If they were manually enrolled by the club adviser or teacher, they currently have to contact that person and ask them to remove them from the Canvas course. It would be great if students had as much control over non-instructional Canvas enrollments as they do (via their SIS drop process) over their instructional Canvas enrollments. If instructors do not want to give their students the option to self-drop, they do not have to enable this option.