Quizzes.Next: Pre-populate essay response forms for students

Idea created by Eliot Gliddon-Perry on Mar 27, 2019
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    • Eliot Gliddon-Perry
    • Ruth Thornton

    Problem: Essay questions often require a students to make use of tables or checklists, as they normally would with a paper based exam. Presently, essay questions always present students with a blank text editor, which results in students often giving answers which are formatted inconsistently. 


    Solution: Allow the quiz designer to insert elements into the answer field for students for each question, the student can then simply populate the existing elements with their response. This will be much simpler for teachers to read and understand each response in Speedgrader view.


    In the above example, the teacher would create the table when building the quiz questions.


    NB: This feature exists in Moodle and is frequently used when building out essay questions.