Display Assigned-To Details in Course Summary in Syllabus

Idea created by Jennifer Lubkin Chavez on Apr 3, 2019
    Open for Voting
    • Jennifer Lubkin Chavez
    • Rob Ditto

    This feature request (bug fix?) is to add assigned-to details in the Course Summary in Syllabus for assignments that are assigned to only one section or student. Currently, the Course Summary will show assigned-to details (in gray, see screenshot below) for assignments that have been assigned differentially to more than one section or student. No details are shown if the assignment is assigned to Everyone OR if the assignment is assigned to only one section or student. So, in the example below, "PD assignment" could be assigned to everyone, to one section, or to one student; there is no way to know from this view. Adding the details would give instructors a quick view of differentiated assignments and would help instructors in multi-section courses locate their relevant assignments.