Partner: Innovastudio, beautiful simple content page design

Idea created by Anthony England on Apr 4, 2019
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    There is a way to make Content Pages in Canvas beautiful - and it would only cost Instructure $500 to get access to the source code and unrestricted product use...


    Here are some example videos of it in use:



    Learn more here:


    Demo here:


    My rant:

    Of all the pages teachers go to in Canvas, surely the Content Page is the most used/important page. And yet.. Yet the way you have to create that content is so... well.... 1990's.


    I understand that TinyMCE and all the others modelled the toolkit on a word document - which at the time, was amazing, but now we have so many examples of elegant, simple content creators that push for a templated model that democratizes quality - simply - via a templating concept of design.

    Think Canva, google sites, Wix, SquareSpace, Weebly, Spark, Sway, the rest of the world...


    And then we have businesses that have built up around Canvas with the sole purpose of compensating for the difficult process of designing content pages - not to extend the functionality, but to avoid the inbuilt tool...


    Wouldn't it be wonderful if Instructure improved the most used area of Canvas?


    Here is a possible way forward...

    A JS library that could be plugged into the current content page and provide templating options, and it would only cost $500 for unlimited SaaS deployment AND access to the source code


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