Make Editing a Wiki Page an Assignment Option

Idea created by Gregory Beyrer on Apr 7, 2019
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    • Ken Cooper
    • Carol Aeschliman
    • Katrina Black
    • Gregory Beyrer


    An assignment to edit a wiki page within a Canvas course should be an Assignment

    Why it's needed

    I teach a class where students are given an assignment to edit a wiki page within Canvas. It is a great way for students to share ideas on a common topic where the back and forth of a discussion are not needed. The problem is that when students edit the wiki page, their edits are neither captured as a submission that needs to be graded nor collected in a single place for the instructor to view. I have to view the wiki page to see if anyone has changed it, look at the page history to see who has changed it, and open up the SpeedGrader or Grades page in a separate browser tab for the purposes of giving individual feedback.

    How it will work

    A new option for the Online Submission Type will be available: "Edit Wiki Page." If the instructor selects this option, a link is immediately revealed (a la the File Type option) for the instructor to Select Wiki page. That link opens up a list of the content pages in the course, and the instructor selects it. An alert will appear to tell the instructor that selecting that page will change its permissions for editing so that students can change the page.


    A link to the page to be edited will be added automatically to the assignment. When students select the link the page will open within the browser window. They will then select the Edit button to start editing the page, and the Save button will instead say Submit. As with other assignments that are submitted online but not automatically graded, students will see an icon on the Grades page indicating submission. That icon will be replaced by the score or other grade scheme symbol when the instructor finishes giving feedback.


    For the instructor, the SpeedGrader for the assignment will show the changes each student made to the wiki page, with additions and deletions formatted similar to the change-tracking functions of word processing software.


    If the content page is otherwise available to students (like in a module), a note will appear automatically to tell students that the page is editable by students as part of an assignment in the course.

    How this benefits students

    Students in my class where editing a page is an assignment can easily respond to this prompt. One way it benefits students is they get the status indicator that a submission has been made but not graded. The other is the instructor can get notified there are changes to the wiki page that need feedback, either via the notification system or (my favorite) the to-do list.