Academic Integrity Pledges

Idea created by David Rettinger on Apr 8, 2019
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    There is lots of good evidence in social psychology that "writing it down" has the effect of getting people to achieve their goals  Ariely and his team found that promising not to perjure oneself led to a dramatic reduction in insurance claim overinflation, and "timely reminders" have been shown to reduce dishonest behavior.


    It would therefore be really helpful to have a pop-up integrity pledge option in Canvas.  At the course designer's option, a pop up could be activated either before or after (or both) a student submits their material, requiring them to type their name.  The text could be customized to be an institutions's honor pledge, or a promise to the instructor not to cheat, or whatever.


    This simple addition could improve the integrity of our assignments and remind students of their own values, at little to no cost.