Magic Button - Make all pictures/files native to course

Idea created by Bill Chandler on Apr 8, 2019
    Open for Voting

    Make a button so that all things that are not in the course can be made so that they are in this course so that pictures don’t break when you copy a course.


    You know you have seen it happen.  Students access a page or assignment and can't see the picture but instead shows a broken link.  Hey the teacher still sees the picture.  Well that is because the teacher is logged in and has access to all of the courses they have created.  Sometimes pictures don't copy over from one course to another.  So before exporting a course or importing a course, there could be a Magic Button that the teacher could click and make all pictures/files native to that course and auto import them/or copy them from the source and duplicate it in the course or new course.  


    Wala! Now there would be no more problems with broken links to pictures that actually have their source in another course.