Send Account- or Sub Account- level Announcements to Inbox

Idea created by Dave Perry on Apr 9, 2019
    • Tabitha Love
    • Tim O'Donovan
    • April Furr
    • cms_hickss
    • Dave Perry
    • Martin Kollman
    • M D

    It would be great if you could send an announcement to a students inbox - so they get urgent messages quicker. So there'd be EITHER a tickbox to say 'send this annoncement to all inboxes or all student inboxes', or a Notifications setting which meant, BY DEFAULT, all announcements went to their inbox and ergo their email notifications immediately (non - overridable would be my preference, as you only send out announcements if they're urgent or important).




    The use case has come up where we're sending announcements out to entire sub-accounts (i.e. an entire Faculty or provision type e.g. all HE), and right now not all students are actively using canvas (this is our transition year).




    But going forward, it would save staff having to use an email list to get the same effect.


    This idea has been developed and deployed to Canvas

    For details, please refer to Canvas Release Notes (2019-12-21)