Add Import CSV to the Add/Remove users Function

Idea created by Eric Mueller on Apr 10, 2019
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    • Eric Mueller
    • Stacey Myrick
    • Rob Ditto
    • Tom Beach
    • Alfred Fjermeros
    • ysmalls
    • Leonardo Santos
    • Nitesh Pradhan
    • Pablo Mora

    Currently the only way to manage users in a Canvas Course, a Commons Sub Group, and other areas where a SIS is unable to do the heavy lifting is do this manually.  Currently to add or remove users from a course or sub group manually your option is to delete them one at a time and then copy new users into the add user app as a group or again individually.


    I propose expanding the add user options to include Manage using CSV (or other type of import file).  In this area the user would have 3 options when uploading a file; Add Users, Remove Users, Add and Remove Users. 


    Three Options:

    1. Add Users: All the users and their information in the file will be added
    2. Remove Users:  All users and their information will be removed from the course or sub group (only).
    3. Add/Remove Users: Add users in the file that are not in the current list of users, and remove any user that is not in the list.


    In addition to adding just the students or just teachers an additional field in the file could contain the user Role in the course or sub group.


    Adding this option would allow large and small school districts that need to manually manage teachers in training courses, Commons Sob Groups and other areas without spending the large amount of time required to manage all of their groups.


    This is where I think it would be a good place for it to be added:


    Canvas Houston User Group