Color code to differentiate sections in cross-listed course calendar

Idea created by on Apr 10, 2019
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    • Pablo Mora

    Every term I (the Canvas admin) manually cross-list about half of the 700 course sections we create automatically.  Half our teachers love cross-listed courses, but for those who don't, it's because Canvas calendar does not differentiate (by color) an assignment that is assigned to more than one section in a multi-section course.  Most of our courses include 2-10 sections, so you can imagine how difficult that is to plan by calendar when there's only one color for 10 sections.  


    Can there be a way to color-code sections within courses so that assignments to different sections show up on the teacher's calendar in different colors?  


    Making this change would allow me to automatically create all the courses as cross-lists and it would also eliminate three days of manual, tedious work right at the start of every term, when my time would be better spent on Canvas support.


    Thanks for entertaining this request.