Groups: emergency resolution options

Idea created by joseph Robertshaw on Apr 12, 2019

    Hello good folks of Canvas,

    I have encountered a problem that occurs in several situations:

    • Groups sometimes fail to cohere or develop synergy.
    • Sometimes students cheat.
    • Bullies sometimes come to college.
    • Sometimes irreconcilable differences are located in group work.
    • Sometimes students withdraw or drop classes during group work.
    • many other reasons exist as well; some involving safety of students and some involving fairness.


    I have experienced several of these conditions in my classrooms over time and the fact is that there is no easily found method to remove a single student from a group once it has begun. Teachers have enough work to do without having to  reset assignments, remake group sets or re-post the same feedback to individuals for group work. Can a clear and simple emergency option be developed that would allow a student to be removed from a group and placed in a separate area or new group even though the assignments have begun and some submissions have been received?


    Shifting students between groups in a group set would be a great resource to have access to but even simply removing a student from a group would help teachers keep more accurate records quickly and let them teach more and spend less time maintaining the course shell.


    Thanks for considering my problems.

    Dr. Joseph W. Robertshaw