Favorite/Star Unpublished Courses

Idea created by Erin Cox on Apr 12, 2019
    Open for Voting
    • Jason Griggs
    • Rob Ditto
    • Kelley L. Meeusen
    • Erin L. Baker
    • Erin Cox
    • Shane Degen
    • nr2522@columbia.edu
    • Bryce Paulson

     Current Behavior

    Currently, only published courses can be starred/Favorited. To see unpublished courses, you have to go to "All Courses." See screenshots.


     Why We Don't Like It 

    Students who log in see only the published courses on their list, and often don't realize there are other courses hidden under "all courses." Often, it makes students think some of their courses aren't on Canvas, that something is wrong, or worse, that they aren't enrolled in some of their classes.


     Ideal Change 

    It would be great if ALL current classes (published and unpublished) were automatically favorited. It would be fine to leave the rest of the design/functions as they are: unpublished courses showing up as grey (as opposed to blue), being un-clickable and inaccessible - so long as students can see that they exist!



    Automatic/Default Course List (from a real student):

    Example thought process: "Oh, that's weird, I thought I was enrolled in 4 courses this quarter... I can see them on my printed schedule... maybe they're just taking longer to show up in Canvas? Should I wait another 24 hours? Maybe I should ask someone..."


    Surprise! They were hidden under "All Courses." But the student may not realize this. They may ask for help. Or, they may stress about about whether they are actually enrolled, whether the course is filling up and running out of room, whether they can make it to campus to get things squared away before the first day of class, but they can't, because they have work all day and the enrollment services office closes by the time they get off work, etc, etc, etc.