Quizzes.Next: Allow variables in most quiz question types

Idea created by Barry Brown on Apr 14, 2019
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    • Rob Ditto
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    • Barry Brown
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    My idea is to add variables to some of the quiz question types. All too often I want to provide a template quiz question with placeholders (or variables) to provide some variation. The current way I do this is to create several nearly identical questions and put them into a question group. However, this is very hard to maintain; if I need to change the wording, I have to edit a bunch of questions.


    This template functionality is already seen in formula questions, but rather than the system generating random values for the variables, the user can upload (or type in) the values and the answers. 


    Here's a simple example of a fill-in-the-blank template:


    What is the capital of [state]?


    Then I could fill in a table with the variables and answer:


    NevadaCarson City
    UtahSalt Lake City


    There could be template question types for each of the different answer types: text answers, numeric answers, and pattern-matching answers.


    This would be great for STEM teachers who need to produce questions with answers that have no simple formula:


    What is the mass, in grams, of [moles] moles of [compound]?




    I was thinking the user could either type in the values directly using a table similar to the existing formula question, or the values could come from an uploaded Excel or CSV file. By using a file, the user could generate the variations using formulas in Excel or a user-written computer program.


    Edit: changed chemistry example to include multiple variables.