Multi-instructor courses: filter calendar events by instructor

Idea created by Tim Holy on Apr 15, 2019
    Open for Voting
    • Rakshitha Rajanna
    • Tim Holy
    • Jeffrey Brady

    I am both director and instructor in a course that has more than 50 participating faculty, each of whom lead one or a few lectures or laboratory sessions. For our purposes it would be very convenient if instructors could have a "show my events" button on the calendar, making it easier for an individual faculty member to quickly see which events s/he is scheduled to cover. (Filtering by course is not that useful if an individual instructor is participating in <5% of the total events for the course.) For this to happen, it is necessary to be able to assign one or more instructors per session. Our course does not seem to do that via a specific field right now, it is entered into a descriptive field that serves as the session overview.


    Even more ideally one could export those events to one's own personal (Google or other) calendar.