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Idea created by Aaron Franke on Apr 15, 2019
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    • Aaron Franke

    Hi Canvas team,


    I was wondering if Canvas has ever considered implementing a review and rating system. While there are already several third-party services available for this purpose, such as Rate My Professor, it would be a useful addition to Canvas to have such functionality built-in.


    Existing services have a number of downsides. There is no way to verify that reviews are from actual students. Students are not encouraged to leave reviews on 3rd party sites, so the amount of reviews are limited and are more likely to reflect the negatives that students experience rather than the positives. Many websites contain censored material and reviews must be edited in order to make available to the public.


    Integration between the rating system and the universities using it means that reviews and ratings could be verified to be from students, with students encouraged to leave reviews, increasing the amount of reviews and centralizing where the reviews are placed. Such a system would also give the universities more control over what kinds of ratings are allowed (since otherwise they are just posted to 3rd party sites that universities have no control over). A university-hosted solution could also be made to only show professor reviews to students, which means that students would not have to worry about posting sensitive or confidential material.


    If such a thing is implemented, I propose that it be a simple rating system, consisting of "Recommend", "Don't recommend", and possibly a "Neutral" or similar option. Next to each of these would be review text explaining why they chose that rating. Students should also be able to vote whether they think the review is helpful or not, which would help with sorting reviews.



    Aaron Franke

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