Hidden Instructor Sub rubrics

Idea created by Mary Dean on Apr 15, 2019
    Open for Voting

    I think it would be helpful to have subrubrics that only instructors can see or use that would tie to and feed the main rubrics students are able to see.


    We publish our rubric so students know which criteria and how many points, but this also means the details can't be added without giving the students the answers. Although there are descriptions, if there was the ability to drill further down for a specific criteria it could make grading faster and more consistent.  As it stands, if an instructor wants to do this is requires duplication of effort outside of Canvas.


    For example, student has to identify up to 5 facts.  The main rubric might tell them fact identification is worth 0-5 points.  If teacher sub rubric / drill down had all 5 facts listed they could quickly award 1 point each.  Or something similar.


    For an essay, where there is more subjectivity, even on a 0-3 scale, the sub rubric could identify the main issues required for "proficient" or award partial points for each and allow for fudge points.


    For classes with multiple instructors I think this would improve scoring across the class.  For all others, in addition to grading efficiency, it would be helpful if a student questioned their score later one.


    This may not be needed for smaller assignments and simpler rubrics, but could be especially for more complex assignments.


    PS - I'm not an ID so I apologize if I'm not using the correct terminology.