Treat a percent sign in the grade as indicating a percentage of the maximum points.

Idea created by Zach Toups on Apr 18, 2019
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    • Rob Ditto
    • Zach Toups

    When entering grades in the SpeedGrader, if you enter a percent sign (%) after a number, the system should treat that as meaning a percent of the maximum points, even if the grading mode is points. 


    More detail:

    Even if I am scoring things as points, it's often easier to grade things as being a percentage. If I expressly put a percent sign after the number, I'm clearly signaling to the system that that's what I want. Also, I'm pretty sure the system worked this way a few years ago; I'm confused about why it went away. At least the system gives me a warning when I get a student a 90% on a 5 point assignment and it notes that 90/5 is a really high grade.