Consider Different Workflow for Updating District-Approved Content in Commons

Idea created by Gregory Odell on Apr 25, 2019
    Open for Voting

    Currently, if a teacher publishes content to Commons, and district marks content as 'District Approved', then only those with District Approval permissions can edit the content.  This does not make sense to us as a district.  It makes sense for the someone at the district level to approve/publish the edits, but not make the actual edits.  For example, spanish teacher publishes an entire Spanish I course to Commons and then realizes the course needs a few edits.  With current work-flow someone with District approval rights would have to make the edits.  The content expert (spanish teacher) cannot make the edits.  Our preferred work-flow would be for the teacher to make the edits and the district approval person to publish/approve the edits.  The attached screenshot shows what the teacher without district approval rights currently sees when trying to publish/make edits to their content shared in Commons that has been marked as 'District Approved'.