Add Update Date to Speed Grade for Discussions

Idea created by Thomas Brecheisen on Apr 30, 2019
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    • Thomas Brecheisen
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    • Leonardo Santos
    • Gregory Beyrer
    • Pablo Mora
    • Suzanne Wakim

    In the Discussion Thread, if a student updates a post, Canvas adds a "Updated by..." with the name and date at the bottom of the thread.  However, in Speed Grader, this is not displayed.



    • If Faculty allow students to update their posts, in Speed Grader it is not clear that updates have been made.
    • If a grade is awarded, students have the ability to edit their post.  This is problematic as is, and it should be clear if anyone were to investigate a grade that the post has been edited in Speed Grader, without the need to check in the Discussion Thread.
    • If recommendations to change the original post are given, and the student edits their original post, there is no history.



    1. Do not allow students to edit posts after grades have been awarded.  They would have to add a new post or reply to their original post.  
    2. Move the "Updated by..." (in the Discussion Thread) to the top of the entry, just below the original date (see attachment).
    3. And, include the "Updated by..." to the entry in Speed Grader under the original date (see attachment).