Idea created by Judy Seiffert on May 3, 2019
    Open for Voting

    Custom roles are automatically available to all users at the course level with the permission to 'add/remove students in courses' or add/remove teachers, course designers, or TAs in courses'.  It would be helpful to have the ability for root admins to 'hide' a role from the list of roles to choose from when adding/editing people in a course. Currently the only way to 'hide' a role is with a custom Javascript. 


    It would be panda terrific if the Add Role screen had a 'Hide Role' check box, that when selected would 'hide' the role from the drop list of roles to select from when adding people to a course or editing the role of a person in the course.  

    This added feature would add security to the system and be helpful for identifying users, as roles could be created for specific users without the worry that others could be assigned the special role. 


    For example, create a custom role titled 'Teacher of Record' and check the box to 'Hide Role'. When compiling the enrollment .csv file, assign the role 'Teacher of Record' to all SIS teachers that have course sections. Then when viewing the course enrollments, it would be easy to identify the SIS teacher from other users who may have the Teacher role in the course, as well as being able to generate reports based on the hidden custom role e.g.Teacher of Record. 


    By having the ability to hid a role, it opens up the option for special role assignments and alleviates the concern the special role would be assigned inadvertently. 


    In addition, the hidden roles still need to be visible on the permissions page for root admins.  This could be done by adding a 'Hidden Roles' category to the drop down list on the permission page. When selected, the hidden roles would display along with their assigned permissions or list the hidden role with an asterisk to indicate the role is hidden.    Having the ability to hide a base role would also be beneficial, as the name of the base role cannot be edited and therefore not used, instead all permissions for the base role are turned off. 


    Thanks to all the awesome pandas out there!


    Idea for Add Role screen##

    Add Role Screen with Hide Role check box


    Idea for permissions for roles screen

    Permissions screen with Hidden Roles category or Name of Hidden Role marked with an asterisk.