Don't Send Announcements When Un-muting Grades

Idea created by Scott Barnhart on May 5, 2019
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    Don't Send Announcements When Un-muting Grades:


    I create curve columns within the Canvas grade book using the Assignments.  After curving, I use these scores to submit letter grades using my university's grading program.  I also have large sections, 200-400 students.  This method allows me to add, say, 3-5 points to the student's total grade, which obviously helps them.  The issue is for the university's program to see the correct score, I must un-mute the curve column in the grade book.  This immediately sends out an email to all students telling them I have changed their grade, which I do not want, because then I will then get another 50 emails from students saying things like "I know my grade was 76 but now its 79, can you please boost it to 80?"  In other words, we want to give them a boost and let them be surprised and then they will leave the instructor alone.


    The instructor, not Canvas, should have the ultimate control over which changes on Canvas get sent out in mass emails.