Create Assignments WITHIN Modules (instead of adding after the fact)

Idea created by Sarah Press on May 7, 2019
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    I use Modules to sort my assignments by unit - this makes it easier to use my gradebook because I can just view assignments from the current module instead of for the whole semester.


    Currently, the method for making an assignment appear as part of a module is:

    1. Create the assignment
    2. Go to Modules. Click + on the module where I want the assignment to appear.
    3. Scroll through the list of ALL of the assignments I've created this semester (at this point there are about 40) to find the one assignment I want to add to the current unit. If you can't remember the name, because they're alphabetized, not by most recent, go back to the Assignments page to figure out what it's actually named. Go back to Modules and look again.
    4. Save.
    5. Repeat for every single assignment I want to appear in this module.


    This feels like a massive inefficiency that should be pretty easy to fix. In Google Classroom, you can set up Assignment Groups like units and then choose which assignment group you'd like to apply when you create the new assignment. In Google Docs, you can create a document in the folder where you want it to live to automatically apply that folder, and the sharing settings, etc, to the new document.


    Can Canvas use one of these two methods, or something similar, so that you can specify when creating a new assignment which module it belongs to?