File submission should not cut off due to slow internet

Idea created by Hongfu Chen on May 12, 2019
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    • Steven Schwamenfeld
    • Ajit Kunjal
    • Hongfu Chen

    Hi all,


    Currently, if you submit a large file (or if you have slow internet) for a file submission assignment, press "submit" to start the uploading process before the due date but the upload itself did not complete by the due date. You will be presented with a vague error message from Canvas and no log of this submission attempt will exist for instructor or admin (besides you being on the assignment page in pageviews).


    While I don't encourage last minutes submissions. It feels kind of backward that students are failing to submit assignments with no good proof that they even tried due to the size or more likely internet speed they are afforded. We have a decent number of rural students here at K-State with internet that's quite slow, whether it's DSL or rural satellite or just a slow provider. Occasionally files in the hundreds of mbs might take tens of minutes to submit.


    Students shouldn't be able to modify the file they are submitting as soon as they start the upload process. So why can't we timestamp file upload submissions at the time they started uploading the file rather then when it was completed. That way when a student on a 1Mbps upload connection try to upload a 500MB assignment 10 minutes before it's due they wouldn't face just a generic error message and have to explain their situation (with little proof on the Canvas side) to professors.