Canvas Commons - List term alongside Course Titles in import options

Idea created by Antony Coombs on May 15, 2019
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    • Rob Ditto
    • Jeffrey Brady
    • Christophe Breemersch
    • Paolo Oprandi
    • Pablo Mora

    We have an issue that's adding friction into the process using Commons to share activities and content. When our tutors want to import something they've found on Commons, the list of their available courses just shows the Course title (long_name)... trouble is, when people have been teaching more than one instance of a module, they can't easily tell which version is which when picking which one to import into.


    For example, if I was teaching "Rethinking Shakespeare" last term and am now revising the course for this term and have found some content on Commons I would like to import, clicking the import link in Commons lists both last term's and next term's "Rethinking Shakespeare" as "Rethinking Shakespeare"


    What would be helpful is if the listing also had the term information for each course, giving me something like:

    O  Rethinking Shakespeare (Spring 2020)

    O  Rethinking Shakespeare (Summer 2020)