Grading Periods at Sub-Account Level

Idea created by Neal Shebeck on May 16, 2019
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    • Rob Ditto
    • Neal Shebeck

    tl;dr  -  Grading Periods? Handy. Not being able to turn it on and set the weights for a single sub-account (individual schools)? Not possible.


    So Grading Periods... seems like a cool tool. Wouldn't mind turning that one on but it's only available at the domain level which would mean that 364 schools would need to agree on the timing and weighting of those grading periods. Our SIS uses the same Fall term for all of our MS and HS calendars. That narrows it to around 141 schools but even if it was 10 schools, chances are they won't agree. Added to that, our online school has a running grading window instead of two quarters. It can't be on for them but they use the same Fall term in the SIS and Canvas. If that was the only issue we could code around it, but it's not.


    Let's get this available on the more granular level of sub-accounts.