Changing Insertion Point Defaults in Speed Grader

Idea created by Parrish Jones on May 17, 2019
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    • Pablo Mora

    This only applies to the teacher APP as I use it for grading. The Insertion point has a default that needs to be user definable. It is default set to:

    1. Always make the first letter of a word one is inserting a capital. (This makes no sense and has not always been true).

    2. It is black.

    3. It is 14 pt.


    All these at present must be changed for each assignment being graded. Last term, one could change the font size and color in each essay and it held for that essay. No longer. It erratically works for the whole essay. Sometimes it reverts within the essay.


    A Professor should be able to change the default insertion point and other tools like the strikethrough and pen to whatever s/he needs and it be the same in all assignments. I don’t like using red for corrections.