Pop-up warning when submitting quiz/exam regardless if you have answered all the questions already

Idea created by Teagan Monfils on May 17, 2019
    • Rob Ditto
    • Teagan Monfils

    Right now, there is only a pop-up warning if students have not answered all of the questions on the quiz or exam. I believe there should be a pop-up warning that allows you to return back to the exam if you did not want to submit the exam yet even if you have answered all the questions. This is necessary because many professors only allow for one attempt on quizzes/exams and it is easy for students to accidentally hits the submit button before the satisfied with their answers because the "next" button and "submit" button are in the same place. Please put a simple warning that the user is about to do something that cannot take back whether the questions are all answered or not.