Make 'Reply' Button More Visible

Idea created by Hannah West on May 21, 2019
    Open for Voting
    • Cheryl Chapman
    • Rob Ditto
    • Matthew Dix
    • Hannah West
    • Heather Laird
    • Laura Zadoff
    • Dave Stephens

    When responding to a Discussion, the 'reply' button is always at the very bottom of the directions, as it should be, but it is not very visible. If you are the first person responding to a discussion, it just looks like a continuation of the directions, nothing jumps out at you at all. What's more:  there is no thread to jump off of yet, so no option to find a more visible reply button that way. I often get phone calls from instructors who cannot locate the reply button simply because it does not stick out. Currently the reply button/bar is a thin black line around a white box and doesn't give anyone proper direction as to where to submit their responses. 


    I motion to make this reply button/bar a different color. Any other color than the rest of the page really, because a thin black line around a white box isn't cutting it for a lot of users.