Apply rounding rules to assignment groups

Idea created by Edgard Rodrigues on May 24, 2019
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    • Rob Ditto
    • Edgard Rodrigues
    • Oséias Souza
    • Alexandre Schneider
    • Leonardo Santos

    Automatically, Canvas could round off a score from an assignment group depending on a rule and the grade received by the student.

    The rule would take into account the decimal places after the comma or point in the whole number.


    Ex 1:

    The student scored 6.85 in an assessed task group.

    For a rule that would be created, the final grade of that group would be rounded to 7.0.


    Ex 2:

    The student scored 4.20 in an assessed task group.

    Depending on the rule we create, the final grade of the task group would be rounded to 4.0