Role/page-specific Help Links

Idea created by Nicholas Wisseman on May 30, 2019
    Open for Voting

    One of the things I love about Canvas is that there are so many official "how-to" tutorials available online. Users have to go searching for them, though. It would be great if, on a given page, links to relevant tutorials displayed by default or popped up after you clicked a "Help" link. For example, if you clicked the "Help" link on the discussion guide, the Help popup could point to tutorials like "How do I view the rubric for my graded discussion?" It would be even better if the popup adjusted for the user's role (so that students only saw the student tutorials, teachers only saw the teacher tutorials, etc.). And rather than listing every relevant link, the popup could list the two or three of the most-visited tutorials and then point to the larger section of the appropriate guide (e.g., the Discussion section of the Canvas Student Guide).