Speed Grader Rubric Incomplete Option

Idea created by Rico Dunn on May 30, 2019
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    • JanaLee Moses
    • Brian Lenze
    • Rico Dunn
    • Rob Ditto
    • Neal Shebeck
    • Robert Carroll
    • Monte Carman

    Love the speed grader but when you have a rubric it would be nice to mark an assignment as incomplete.  The reasoning behind this is to encourage students who simply do task completion and are willing to settle for low scores to actually go back and put in a valid attempt at the assignment.  The incomplete feature of something being only graded as complete or incomplete is great but it would be nice to be able to mark something that is graded on a rubric as incomplete.


    What I am thinking is just a box that can be checked at the bottom that could indicate the assignment is incomplete and needs to be redone.  Would also be great if this could automate a notification to the user that they need to resubmit. It would even be nice to have the ability to have a default setting that would send out automated notifications to students who score below a certain percentage that they may want to review instructor comments and revise the assignment.  Yeah older students don't really need this but with younger students it would be a great feature.